Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis – are a magical natural firework display of fantastic and mystical beauty. Seen from the far North (or south, the Aurora Australis) they are unforgettable. We have taken the name for our training company because the lights are something that you need to get out there and see, and getting out there is what we are all about.

Started by Jason Day, a teacher and outdoor enthusiast, Northern Lights can call on the services of a number of other instructors as necessary, leading you into the great outdoors.

Jason is passionate about passing on the skills to get out there safely and with maximum enjoyment. This can only come about through understanding and experience, the benefit of a training company being that you can buy that experience in.

Jason has been climbing for the past 25 years, starting out on local sandstone crags in the south and progressing to Wales and the Lakes, the Rockies, Alps and Himalaya. During a career that has encompassed school teacher, First aid trainer, overseas expedition leader and climbing instructor, the enjoyment of helping other people get out there is the main component.

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