Boaters First aid

An idyllic mooring, but technically
far from help in an emergency!

See the review of our courses in the February 2013 edition of Canal Boat Magazine!

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We can run a private course for your club or marina (min 6 people).

In 2012 I launched the one day boater’s first aid courses. As both a boater and a first aid instructor, I have designed it  to add a little peace of mind to boaters who may be faced with illness or accident emergencies when cruising. The courses are backed by the ITC first aid awarding body, Ofqual inspected and authorised to run courses by the HSE.  The courses are very practical in nature – as hands on and realistic as possible so that you learn by doing, not being talked at!

Specific related content will include exposure, drowning, cold shock, first aid kits and summoning assistance when away from familiar locations – something which is often overlooked in ‘land based’ first aid.  Please note – if you are an instructor (e.g. kayak) then our 2 day outdoor course is sufficient to maintain your NGB, but this course won’t be.  If you are an RYA instructor, then they require you to do an RYA course!

The courses are designed to cover the essentials in about 7 to 8 hours. If you would like a course specifically for your club or marina, please contact me direct.  Weekends are booking up fast at the moment, but I could deliver the courses over a couple of evenings – please get in touch for a chat.

Course contents:

  1. The role and limits of first aid

  2. vital signs – assessing and monitoring the casualty.

  3. Accident procedure – Safety and rescue

  4. Safe Airway Positions

  5. CPR, including drowning protocol, secondary drowning, choking and angina.

  6. Temperature – cold shock, exposure, hypothermia, hyperthermia

  7.  Bleeds, severe and minor wounds, Fractures and sprains, splinters, eye injuries.

  8.  Illness and common medical conditions incuding Weils Disease (Leptospirosis)

  9. Emergency planning

  10. First aid kits, location , communications, incidents.

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