Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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Emergency First aid at work is the basic one-day First Aid course. Topics covered include;

  • First actions and scene safety.
  • Recognising the signs of illness and managing collapse.
  • Dealing with Airway and Breathing problems, including resuscitation.
  • Dealing with Bleeding and shock.

The day can be tailored to specific needs and activities with realistic scenarios and practice of the basic skills. All equipment and manuals are provided.

This course is suitable to people whose working environment is low risk (e.g. offices) includes shelter, communciations and road access, as the emphasis is on maintaining a casualty for a short time while the emergency services are en route.

For high risk environments (Workshops, cutting tools and machinery workers) the full first aid at work course offers more detail on the possible ionjutries and how to deal with them, again assuming short term access to medical help.

If you are going to be working in areas where help may be delayed, or you are working outside, then you may want to have a look at our outdoor first aid course.

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