Fieldwork & Expedition Training

Geography Fieldwork and Duke of Edinburgh expedition training.

Fieldwork is an indispensable part of school Geography and can enrich many other subjects such as science or History. It can also be a valuable educational and motivational tool.

Unfortunately it is difficult to justify the risk of taking students away from the road into wild country unless the leader has the necessary qualifications. It takes time and a lot of practice and effort to gain the mountain leader qualification however.

This is where Northern Lights Training can help your school visits.

As a fully qualified Geography teacher and Mountain leader, Jason Day can provide a range of fieldwork support services to make your fieldwork successful. Whether you choose simply to have Jason accompany your group and oversee safety, provide training on the day, train students ahead of time, or indeed cover the whole of a fieldwork project.

The following sections each outline a possible service we can provide – get in touch for discuss your requirements.

Risk Assessment – Safety

Before any visit can go ahead the risk assessments have to be carried out. What may happen, how likely is to happen, and what is the result if it does? One way around this extra task is to always visit the places you have visited before, but this can stifle creativity and diversity. As a head of department in charge of educational visits Jason has carried out many risk assessment processes and can provide an independent survey of a prospective location, followed up by a report identifying the risks and making suggestions to mitigate hazards.

First Aid Cover

During the visit First aid is a necessary priority. If anything were to happen to a student or staff, then the people on the scene must react appropriately to reduce the severity and promote a good outcome. We can train staff and students in first aid, or accompany visits to provide the necessary first aid cover. Another possible combination would be to provide first aid training as a part of the visit, carrying out the teaching in evening sessions or around the main aim of the visit, with the result that staff and students may gain a qualification at the end of the course.

Preparation Lessons

For visits to areas where there are known hazards, and educational opportunities, it may be appropriate to carry out introduction lessons before the trip to acquaint students with safety procedures. As a qualified Geography teacher, Jason can plan and deliver these lessons, combining safety planning with core content such as statistical methods. By staging these lessons over a period of time before the visit, students will develop a greater sense of expectation, anticipation and awareness of the aims of the fieldwork.

Delivering the fieldwork teaching, supervising the writing up.

The school staff will necessarily an to deliver the teaching of any fieldwork component themselves, however there may be circumstances where this is not practicable, or a group has to be split. This may result in non-specialists, unfamiliar with the location, having to deliver teaching or supervision in the field. wouldn’t it make more sense to have a trained Geography teacher and Mountain leader to carry out these tasks?

Jason can deliver a single session, a whole day or several days over the course of fieldwork, including the provision of preparation lessons and supervision of writing up. This provides continuity and clarity in the delivery of the fieldwork. By taking over some of the teaching the school staff will be able to concentrate on assessment in a more relaxed atmosphere, leading to a more enjoyable experience all round.

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